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Captain Hostel Shanghai
No. 37 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, P.R.China

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Special Activities
Learn How to Make Chinese Folk Handicrafts Dough figuring, paper-cutting and Chinese knot are typical folk handicrafts in China. They are widely spread in China and easy to learn. During the performance, you can buy the handicrafts on the spot.
Time: Every Weekend (pay attention to the notice in the lobby)
Place: the Lobby


Learn to Make Traditional Chinese Snacks
Learn to make Huntun and Jiaozi.
Cook them by yourself and then eat them!
Time: 17:00-18:00 ( every Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday )
Place: Dining-room

Make Jiaozi
Make Jiaozi (Chinese Dumpling)

Bike Renting
Bike Renting Guide
1. Show your valid identification (ID, passport etc).
2. Fill in the bike rent form.
3. Pay the deposit: RMB 200
4. Check the bike and make sure it is in good condition.
5. Please ride safely and obey the traffic rules.
6. Primary charge is RMB10, after 4 hours, RMB2/hour.
7. When return the bike, it will be inspected by the employee before getting the deposit back. According use time to pay the rental fee.
8. If there are some damages to the bike, repairing fee must be paid.

Bike renting
Bike renting